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Past projects

Foodie February
Recipes with the spies All-Literative April

all-literative april with true spies!

During April, the theme is literary stuff — interpret it as you will. Check back regularly for updates from our bloggers!

a casual weblog: literary april n’at…
Mountain haiku!

don’t kick food: sunday morning poetry: t.s. eliot
Staining the stiff dishonoured shroud…

steel away: jean hans arp
holy saint bong kaspar is dead.

don’t kick food!: sunday morning poetry – shel silverstein
Poetry read and digitally set to music.

torley manor: an ode to asparagus
Reading it won’t make your pee smell funny.

steel away: haikus in anticipation of summer
Like the title says.

nah pop, no style: my favorite living authors, part the first
A look at Joan Didion.