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Promises I didn’t keep

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

So I begged Andy for a blog all summer, thinking of all the excellent and wild criticisms of books I might offer to Pittsburgh, and moreover, the world. All was good & well, I got my blog, planned for many sensational reviews, when, lo and behold, one fine summer day at K-Mart, strolling the candy aisle, I discovered The Sorcerer’s Stone, hiding among the Reese’s Cups. I thought, “Hm, that might keep me busy. Might be fun. I should see what all that hype is about.” I bought it. A few years late, you might say. True.

But I discovered Harry Potter! I loved Harry. I read all of his tales in one epic and beautiful month. This was not my finest month. I read late into the night, I was late for work, I missed my bus stop. My friends would call, say, “Elaina, where have you been?” and I would mumble, “Uhhh, Hogwarts.” And alas, along with the rest of my life, my blog crumpled and fell, an empty interface in a cluttered web world. You see, how could I blog about Harry Potter? How could I do that? How could I justify all of those wonderful nights on my front porch with Harry and Ron and Hermione?

The point is: This is a new season. I am through with Harry and his gang. I am back, Elaina 2.0, I am ready to blog. I will be fierce.

Next week I will tell you all about Loretta Lynn. Yes, I am reading Coal Miner’s Daughter. No, I am not embarrassed. Yes, I love Loretta, and you should too.

I promise.

It’s that or Bernardo Huberman’s Laws of the Web. I won’t even go there.