Dan Savage. Um. I love you.

A few years ago I read The Commitment, by Dan Savage. I read it because I think Dan Savage is hilarious, and because I am a little obsessed with him. I so very eagerly look forward to his column every week. Like, no offense Andy, but I skip past all other City Paper content and happily devour “Savage Love.” And I giggle, and people on the bus look at me strangely, and sometimes I howl, and then people on the bus REALLY stare at me. BUT, The Commitment was not your standard Dan Savage. Of course it was funny, at times, but I think he’s best read in short, little, paragraph form. My ancient qualms with Savage’s books are neither here nor there, though, because he’s coming to Pittsburgh!! Monday! CMU! McConomy Auditorium! $5 if you’re not a CMU student. I will be there grinnin’ away.

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