Books of 2006-April through June

The list continues! Be warned: this section is, like, exclusively Murakami and Atwood (this is because once I get obsessed with something I stay obsessed with that something until I’ve exhausted it.) This would be a good time to also clarify that I have been a devoted Atwood fan since I was 17. IDOL STATUS.

Haruki Murakami-Norwegian Wood (Apr. 2-8)

Haruki Murakami-South of the Border, West of the Sun (Apr. 9-15)

Margaret Atwood-Life Before Man (Apr. 16-22)

Margaret Atwood-Surfacing (Apr. 23-29)

Raymond Chandler-The Big Sleep (Apr. 30-May 6)

Haruki Murakami-Sputnik Sweetheart (May 7-13)

Ian McEwan-The Comfort of Strangers (May 14-20)

Ron Carlson-At the Jim Bridger (May 21-27)

Margaret Atwood-The Tent (May 28-Jun. 3)

Milan Kundera-Slowness (Jun. 4-10)

Ian McEwan-The Child in Time (Jun. 11-17)

Haruki Murakami-Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (Jun. 18-24)

Ian McEwan-The Cement Garden (Jun. 25-Jul. 1)

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