My burgeoning love of Louise Erdrich <3

I don’t think it should come as a surprise to anyone that I can get mildly (or, uh, incredibly) obsessed with things/authors/directors/celebrities/series/people etc. I have a tremendous capacity for things like this. Say I discover an author. Let’s say, Ian Frazier. I read one book. I love it. I read another book of his. I love it. I think, “I have to read them all. OMG. Immediately.” So I start at the beginning. I read his first book. Then the next, the next, the next, and so on. I think about them, and conceptualize them, and talk incessantly to people who don’t care about how much his writing style has changed/hasn’t changed, how he loves Ojibwe Indians more/less than in the beginning, etc. I get so fucking consumed by the things that I love! I think this might be an endearing trait, but I’m not sure yet.

Basically, my new obsession is Louise Erdrich. Again, probably not surprising. Upon finishing Plague of Doves, I decided I had to read them all. So, in true “me” style, I’m starting at the beginning, with Love Medicine. 132 pages in, I’m so thankful there’s a family tree laid out at the start of the book. I really love this woman. This new love, it’s going to be bad. I can tell.

Also, weekend comic/graphic novel readings:

  • Julie Doucet-Long time relationship
  • Leanne Shapton-Was she pretty (neither of these was as remotely romantic as they sound)
  • Seth-It’s a good life, if you don’t weaken (adored this!)

Weekend non-comic reading that I am embarrassed to admit:

Coffee at Luke’s: an unauthorized Gilmore Girls gabfest (this isn’t even remotely good. Not at all. It’s fucking stupid, and annoying, and I hate 80% of the authors. I could barely get through this book.)

5 Responses to “My burgeoning love of Louise Erdrich <3”

  1. Lydia Says:

    The concept of a book with “gabfest” in the title being remotely good

  2. elaina Says:

    Worse yet: the concept of me trying to read it. The terribleness is actually frustrating!

  3. KATENESS Says:

    I can be the same way, obsession-wise. Recently, I decided that I must see every Antonioni film. Before that, I chose to pursue every Fat Boys song I could find. You don’t even want to know what happened a few years back when I discovered my undying passion for David Lynch.

  4. elaina Says:

    OMG. That sounds catastrophic and a little gross. We will always and forever be soulmates.

    p.s. I am a total bitch and need to respond to your email!

  5. KATENESS Says:

    Yep, REALLY gross is more like it, especially when considering Lynch’s huge head of hair and the way it makes me feel. Our soulmateness is strengthened by the fact that my “anti-spam word” was steeler.

    P.S. No self-proclaimed bitch could write such a killer blog! Unless you mean, like, the good kind of bitch, which I’d say you are in flying aces (or perhaps an Ace In A Day Bitch, even).

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