A confession. (movie) march madness

I’d never seen the Outsiders before yesterday.  I think this was one of those movies that I feel like I should have watched in middle school, but never really did, so I just always pretended I’d seen it (like Caddyshack.  And Braveheart.  Also have never seen these.  But probably should.)  This movie is a great favorite of OMC’s.  Cherry Valance, as played by Diane Lane, is his dream girl (next to me, theoretically).  He has a tattoo of her.  No joke.  He knows most of it by heart.  He would be a greaser.  And would live with Darryl, Sodapop and Ponyboy (I would too, but for different reasons KNOWWHATIMEAN *cough* Sodapop *cough cough*)  It’s always kind of been a sore subject between us, that I hadn’t seen it, and that I didn’t honestly want to.

That has all changed.  I feel like I’ve been caught up on some ritualistic rite of passage.  I feel like now I can hang with OMC and his myriad of brothers.  I also feel like I kind of missed something.  I DON’T GET IT.  This movie is honestly pretty awful.  It is seriously made for middle school English classes.  It’s cheesy, and kind of lame, and generally made me go “eh.”

It is mere moments from the weekend, and since next week is SPRING BREAK OMG I don’t have any schoolwork to do, so I am looking forward to two days of sitting in the park, reading so much, not doing schoolwork, going to yoga maniacally, and dog-sitting for a fluffy, fluffy pup.  Which means I can snuggle with two dogs.  And that means my life is absolutely, positively perfect.

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  1. snaggle Says:

    did you watch The Man From Snowy River? what did you think?

    Chomps loves Groundhog Day and Blues Brothers and I loathe both of them. They are the monumental movies from his childhood that he owns on VHS and I can’t get with it.

    You forgot to put jump rope and necklace making in your summer post.

  2. elaina Says:

    I forgot to respond to this!

    I haven’t watched it yet. I keep forgetting. Soon. I am so bad at watching movies in their entirety. It took me three days to watch the Outsiders.

    Also I fucking hate Groundhog Day. Worst movie ever. OMC loves it too. They should just go out already.

    Jump-roping and necklace-making live in my heart, where they belong.

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