Simple kinda life never did me no harm

At about 75 degrees my tolerance for the heat disappears and I collapse on the tile floor in my underwear. I spent a big part of the weekend doing just this. It feels good, and I use no energy to do so. I also periodically crunch ice cubes with the dog.

To escape the heat, I did one of my favorite things this weekend. I went to West Virginia! This means I did no reading at all, whatsoever (this is sort of a lie: I read volumes 3-4 of the Walking Dead and most of Julie Doucet’s My New York Diary–the former which still underwhelms me a lot and the latter which is so great I can’t even describe it. Doucet draws like a clusterfuck. There is so much on every page and in every panel that my little eyeballs get gigantic. Also I like that she is French Canadian, which is irrelevant. But the Walking Dead pretty much sucks & I can hardly follow the storyline or what order the panels/conversations are in, which strikes me as incredibly stupid, on my part AND on the part of the illustrators. However, because I am a glutton for punishment I will continue reading them.)

Either way, yes, I went to West Virginia in a sad attempt to escape my 85 degree apartment. I ate at least 3 donuts.



We drove down the Ohio River a ways. We stopped in Beaver. We made a lot of dumb jokes. I knitted a lot. The dog slept a lot. I ate a bunch of snacks. THEN BEST OF ALL: we went to the Fiestaware Outlet. I go here probably twice a year, because it is one of my favorite places on the planet. I have more Fiestaware than I know what to do with (seriously, cupboards of the stuff), but this doesn’t stop me from continuing to shop there.

Fiestaware Outlet!

Fiestaware Outlet!

fiestaware-071 I bought a few things that I don’t necessarily need, and a few things that will make excellent presents, and a few things that I actually did need, which was exciting. Everything looks nice in Fiestaware. It’s problematic.

This is an excellent day-trip. I recommend it for all who appreciate fine, minorly imperfect Fiestaware at a serious discount.

Also, donuts make this trip even better than it already is.

It is theoretically going to cool down this week, so hopefully I can crack a book or two without breaking a sweat.

6 Responses to “Simple kinda life never did me no harm”

  1. andy Says:

    Donuts are the best thing. I must get some sooner than later.

  2. lainey Says:

    Anders, these are probably the best donuts I’ve ever eaten. One is even WHOLE WHEAT which sounded dumb and annoying at first (why would you try to make a donut remotely healthy?!) but is actually delish. Rochester is only a 30 minute-ish drive dahn the Ohio River. GO TO THE SPINNING DONUT.

  3. Sarah Says:

    1. I frequently collapse in my underwear in a similar manner. For some reason this remind me of when we were roommates.
    2. I WANT TO GO TO THAT OUTLET! I always tell you I love those plates and you always tell me how wonderful Fiestaware is. I’m insanely jealous.
    3. Those doughnuts looks perfect.

  4. lainey Says:

    1. It reminds me of roommate time, too!!! Nothing like 100 degree August in Lexington to make me comfortable about walking around in my underwear in front of a complete stranger.
    2. We will go the next time you visit! Duh!!!!
    3. We will also stop and get SNACKS on the way! In donut form!

  5. KATE Says:

    I, too, loathed the Walking Dead series, which didn’t prevent me from reading somewhere around, I don’t know, four volumes. I stopped right where you are, I guess. I suggest you do, too, Elaina!

  6. KATE Says:

    Oops, got excited on the italics and bolds… Heh…

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