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what I read in 2010

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Instead of pretending I have a great excuse for why I have been MIA (I don’t) I will just give you this, my list of 2010 reads.  Also instead of pretending I will return to blogging in 2011 with a fucking vengeance, I will say nothing.  I might return, or I might not.  I have been spending a lot of time being social (me!  social!) and not enough time reading and not enough time sitting quietly.  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to have more fun, and another is to be more grounded, and somewhere in-between those there is the perfect place for me (I bet there are unicorns there, and potato chip buffets), and I think I will resolve to spend a little more time finding that balance.

Anyway, I came here for a reason, and it is this:

  1. Octavia Butler-Parable of the talents
  2. Ann Packer-Dive from Klausen’s Pier
  3. Ursula LeGuin-Always coming home
  4. Maile Meloy-Half in love
  5. Eduardo Galeano-Book of embraces
  6. Matt Ruff-Set this house in order
  7. Rebecca Skloot-Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks
  8. Rigoberta Menchu-I, Rigoberta Menchu
  9. Mario Vargas Llosa-The feast of the goat
  10. Lydia Davis-The end of the story
  11. Samuel Logan-This is for the Mara Salvatrucha
  12. John D’Agata-About a mountain
  13. Julie Klausner-I don’t care about your band
  14. Mark Danner-Massacre at El Mozote
  15. Joan Didion-Salvador
  16. Louise Erdrich-Shadow tag
  17. Larry McMurtry-Lonesome Dove
  18. Allegra Goodman-Other side of the island
  19. Laura Esquivel-Like water for chocolate
  20. Dagoberto Gilb-Magic of blood
  21. Stieg Larson-Girl with the dragon tattoo
  22. Stieg Larson-Girl who played with fire
  23. Dagoberto Gilb-Woodcuts of women
  24. John Edgar Wideman-Brothers & keepers
  25. Gloria Anzaldua-Borderlands/La Frontera-the new Mestiza
  26. Vincent Lam-Bloodletting & miraculous cures
  27. Bitchfest
  28. Lee Martin-The bright forever
  29. Jose Saramago-Blindness
  30. Michael Ondaatje-In the skin of a lion
  31. Robert Olen Butler-Good scent from a strange mountain
  32. Maile Chapman-Your presence is requested at Suvanto
  33. John Steinbeck-East of Eden
  34. Nathan Englander-Ministry of special cases
  35. Jane Smiley-Thousand acres
  36. H.G. Bissinger-Friday night lights
  37. Stieg Larson-Girl who kicked the hornet’s nest
  38. Toni Morrison-Song of Solomon
  39. Alice Fulton-Nightingales of Troy
  40. John Edgar Wideman-Fatheralong
  41. Daniel Alarcón-Lost city radio
  42. Suzanne Collins-Mockingjay
  43. Alma Guillermoprieto-The heart that bleeds
  44. Roberto Bolano-2666
  45. Daniel Alarcón-War by candlelight
  46. Edward Jones-The known world
  47. Laura Eldridge-In our control; the complete guide to contraceptive choices for women
  48. Nicole Krauss-Great house
  49. David Rakoff-Half empty
  50. Ian Frazier-Travels in Siberia
  51. Alain de Botton-A week at the airport
  52. Theodore Dreiser-Sister Carrie
  53. Michael Ondaatje-Divisadero
  54. Octavio Paz-Labyrinth of Solitude
  55. Nick Reding-Methland
  56. Jamaica Kincaid-My brother
  57. Amy Goodman-Standing up to the madness: ordinary heroes in extraordinary times
  58. Tom Rachman-the Imperfectionists