Leg one complete.

I’m in the Las Vegas airport. There are slot machines and a Moe’s Southwest Grille and a smoothie bar all within eyeshot.

By the time my usual take-off panic attack subsided, we were above cloud cover and for most of the flight I couldn’t see the ground below. That changed when we began our descent into McCarran (where there is free wifi!).

I gawked like a schoolboy who’s only ever seen mountains of the Appalachian variety. It took me a while to realize a lot of the odd lines on the ground were roads and cul-de-sacs for developments that were mostly unhoused.

When we landed, it was all vistas and sunsetty. Everything was purple and orange. I forgot my sprawl-horror and the sheer absurdity of this city existing in the desert; there’s a reason why I love to travel to a new place (even if it’s only an hour layover in the airport).

I’m tired and hoping that the shortness of my trip can allow me minimal jetlag when I return. The “a” key on my keyboard is occasionally sticking.

On the bus to the airport, I watched a kid tie a double-windsor knot on his tie without the help of a mirror. I was impressed.