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Know your motivation

I’ve never written a FREELANCER ADVICE POST, mainly because I’m an absolutely terrible freelancer. At least 40% of my freelancing time is spent trying to figure out if I can get out of my assignment without permanently damaging my professional reputation. But the other day, friend Andy, music editor at Pittsburgh City Paper passed along [...]

Paratext B-Side: Endless Violence Transcription

After E3 I recorded a monologue that editor Stu Horvath made a slideshow for. I was instructed to write what went through my head while I was there. Here’s the transcript: E3 is probably (hopefully) the closest I will ever get to war journalism. The constant bombardment of the press conferences and the expo floor, [...]

Death of the Avatar

Death — my death, our death, the avatar’s death — and resurrection, the move from apparent absolute control through an absolute loss of control, only to regain control, to begin again, to begin our negotiation with the text again, to attempt to overcome our rejection from the text, by the text, is a core pleasure [...]

The more things change.

Perhaps we have learned that all matters cannot be solved at the point of a (laser) gun. Maybe we are subliminally trying to rescue our hostages in Iran, and this time do it right. Could it be that we are hopeful about the future, convinced that matters are in fact resolvable? That sacrifice is desirable [...]

I’m going to lie to you.

The first-person viewpoint is so often shorthand for “You are here. Your body is here. Your body can interact with things physically”. This is the lie. Because it’s a lie, guns are so prevalent. They project your will, your violence, into the visual space. The distant violence enabled by guns is a better fit for [...]

Other recent work.

Been busy! Game Reviews: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet – Xbox Live Arcade – Paste – 8/17/2011 Bastion – Xbox Live Arcade – Joystick Division – July 19, 2011 Columns: Magic Words – September 4, 2011 On Dying – August 21, 2011 Pac-Mania Is A Book About Pac-Man Things – August 7, 2011 So I was [...]

Work Around

Did some E3 photography for various Future Publications gaming outlets At Joystick Division: First entry in my new fortnightly column Paratext. Review of Dungeon Siege III in which I mention the Homestead Steel strike

Writing about Aeris – Video game history and historiography

There are, I think, resources that those of us who write about video games have yet to really dig into. Archives of websites, discussion boards, newsgroups can help reconstruct a social context in which games were made and received. Textbooks and journal articles about arcades and games from the late 1970s and 1980s. Connections to [...]