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PAX Coverage

Spent last weekend in Seattle (see the view in the previous post). Photo Galleries: Play On, Players Product Placement Cosplay and Context And my editorial on the experience, Baby’s First PAX Prime.

Across the country (and back) in 36 hours

Some sort of photo essay about E3 itself is coming soon. Have to work out the presentation details. Flew out of Pittsburgh on Tuesday evening around 6PM. Connected in Las Vegas (read about that here. Landed in LA around 10:30PM local time. Los Angeles scares me. It’s not the big city itself, or the guys [...]

Thoughts on LA

There are palm trees outside of malls here. Names of towns, neighborhoods, streets – they’re all familiar. They’ve all got songs written about them. If I refuse to accept left coast time, I can avoid jet lag.

Leg one complete.

I’m in the Las Vegas airport. There are slot machines and a Moe’s Southwest Grille and a smoothie bar all within eyeshot. By the time my usual take-off panic attack subsided, we were above cloud cover and for most of the flight I couldn’t see the ground below. That changed when we began our descent [...]

Los Angeles, I’m Yours!

For approximately one day next week (36 hours gate-to-gate!) I will be in Los Angeles, California. I will be attending day two of the three-day E3 Expo. Yes, expanding the E3 term gives you “Electronic Entertainment Expo Expo”.

My part-time job

I work occasionally as a second shooter for my good friend Melissa Rudick Photography (Melissa is my friend, not her business, but the specifics of linking elude me). Below are two of my favorites from the most recent wedding we shot:

Posts for Airports…

Currently in the E terminal of the Philadelphia International Airport. Flight’s scheduled to leave in about 90 minutes. I could use a backrub. Goal for the flight home: remaining calm when the landing gear is deployed, rather than leaping halfway out of my seat and grabbing the headrest of the one in front of me. [...]