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I made a map!

Totally posting a map I made here in advance of turning it in for my final on Thursday. I probably should have just made the circles solid with the streets overlayed, rather than coloring the land parcel information…

Work Elsewhere

Kill Screen issue 2: Back to School contains my article about cognitive maps and game space. And real space. But not Innerspace.

More RSS Zaniness

Sorry about that explosion of duplicates in your feed reader. Working out more bugs in the code I use to generate the combined truespies RSS feed. It’s fixed now!

Inspired by Sesame Street Classics

Andy has been posting his favorite Sesame Street vignettes. As I had cable growing up, I did not watch Sesame Street and so there’s very little there that holds much meaning for me. HOWEVER. I do have enough knowledge of Sesame Street that when I realized what was going on in this Community credits video, [...]

Truespies RSS update

If you are one of the folks who subscribes to truespies in an RSS reader, you’ve no doubt been noticing some weirdsies with the feed over the past week or so, since the upgrade to WordPress 3.0. Turns out some invalid XML snuck past one of the individual site’s feeds, and our XML parser wasn’t [...]

Keeping Busy

Went to E3 last week. Wrote/photo’d it here: Roaming the E3 Floor Learning things at E3 Watching luchadores at E3 Taking pictures at E3 — Going to ALA Annual this weekend. Since I have my MLIS now for reals. Even have a diploma to prove it. — Preparing to update truespies from wordpress mu 2.8.1 [...]