Street Food, Round 2

I got some more street food last night. Pan con carne. I loved it. It was tender, well-done beef, heated up quickly and sliced thinly. Looked like sirloin.

20 bolivares fuertes ($2.50 with the black market exchange rate). Served on a soft baguette with lettuce and tomato. I asked the guy who made it what his favorite sauce was. His response – avocado sauce, which I’m allergic to – prompted me to ask for his second favorite sauce. That was some tangy mayo sauce that looked like thousand island.

This thing had all the hallmarks of a Philly steak, hold the cheese. I would have been into eating one of the cheeses available and having it get melty on this thing, but this was still a solid sandwich.

Afterward I washed it down with some chicha, which is rice milk with some condensed milk, spices (nutmeg) and sugar.

It’s really delicious. Tastes like rice pudding in a cup, and is slightly thicker than horchata. It was warm, so there’s an ice cube in it. I’m looking for user-submitted suggestions of what booze should go into this, so fire away.

4 Responses to “Street Food, Round 2”

  1. jesspgh Says:

    That sandwich looks great! And that drink sounds so yummy!

  2. elaina Says:

    -flor de cana
    -other rums
    -maybe vodka?
    -there must be a tasty/sketchy liquor like seco in Venezuela? seco would be delicious in there, but I am the worst judge of this because I will happily drink milk & seco.

  3. someclevername Says:

    I need to find some flor de cana. Last night I had some Licor de Miel, which was like ridiculous. Maybe that would work? Too sweet? Who knows.

  4. jesspgh Says:

    Is Kahlua too obvious?

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