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April 17, 2011

bales of straw and bales of ramps

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Holy smokes, our ramp benefactor gifted us FIFTEEN POUNDS of ramps. In a garbage bag. We had the singular pleasure of bagging them up and delivering them to friends, playing ramp fairy to our neighboring pals. So fun.

Our first go with them this time around was cornbread with ramp greens:

We have bandied about the idea of pickling the white parts for cocktail onions (!) and I’m pretty sure we’ll have a go at potato & ramp soup, here too. Or ramps on pizza?

Other meals around here have included our first two harvests of this year’s asparagus. HURRAH!!!!

Playing backup to the asparagus here is some polenta with basil (frozen from last year’s garden) and tempeh with bell peppers (our own, frozen) and shallots.

Then out at Torley-on-Stanton, we did a little more work to prepare the potato bed. We wanted to add straw to loosen it up a little, and also to reduce the need for stealing dirt from the rest of the garden. We got a bale from McTighe’s in Glenshaw, which was a hilarious and wonderful experience. If you’ve never driven past it on Route 8, you might not know that it is a home and garden center AND a beer distributor. So to buy the straw, we went to the garden center side, paid up, and then drove through the beer distributor to pick up the goods.

Then for a treat when we got home, I made us some smoothies with our own strawberries from last year (frozen), some peaches we got at a farmstand in Erie last summer (also frozen), a banana and some OJ. Every new thing we learn about putting food by is making my life so much better.

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