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May 30, 2011

Torley-On-Stanton update

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Things are going well out at the community garden plot. We spent a good amount of time re-turning over the soil and getting things planted in the last couple weeks. Two weekends ago we finished turning stuff over and got all the corn and beans planted. We’ve been dealing with some issues with the peas. And the potatoes are looking great.


Somethings been munching on our peas

Although we haven’t actually seen any, we assume its something like a rabbit. We realized that the holes in our gate were big enough to let smaller mammals through, so we put a little hardware cloth over the bottom section of the gate. We also have been spraying the plants with a cayenne pepper/water mixture. As a final step, we decided we would try to trellis the peas (which perhaps we should’ve done from the beginning) to keep them as much off the ground as possible. All these measures have had an effect as the plants seem to be recovering and are getting some flowers on them. We’re still holding out some hopes for a good harvest.


The potatoes came up a couple weeks ago

Since then they have been growing at a pretty good pace. As they have been growing, we have been hilling the dirt back over the plants. Into the mix with the garden soil, we have been adding layers of straw and some leaf mulch from the pile at the community garden. Even if we only get a small handful of potatoes from each plant, with a 25′ row of potato plants, we’ll be looking at a pretty decent harvest.


We planted 8 rows of corn (4 rows of white, 4 rows of yellow) and 10 rows of beans (1 row of baby limas, 1 row of Calypso beans, and 8 rows of black beans. It’s our grand experiment to see if we can grow ourselves a good supply of beans to dry for use over the winter months. In the last week, there are good signs of life from all of the seeds.

black beans — at one week

Calypso beans — at one week

Baby limas — at one week


We also planted a few extra brussels sprouts plants out at the community garden (we have 3 plants in the home garden as well.) We cut the bottom off some old unusable freezer boxes and used these to protect the small seedlings.

Other things out at Torley-On-Stanton include one paste tomato plant and a handful of sunflowers (no photos, sorry). We still haven’t figured out a water situation out there and we have a summer’s long fight with the weeds (so much ragweed and so many thistles!), but we’re feeling pretty good about how things are looking at this point in time.


  1. That pea damage looks suspiciously like deer munching. Any sign of tracks? It isn’t like rabbit to eat the plant from the top at that size, straight down like that. You know? A rabbit would have to munch across and then sit there and eat the top.

    Comment by Katie — May 31, 2011 @ 11:07 am

  2. no signs of deer tracks. and most of the munching took place during the period when we were getting all that rain, so it seems likely they would’ve shown up real good at that time. also no signs of our fence being breached by deer. groundhog maybe?

    Comment by q — May 31, 2011 @ 9:52 pm

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