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July 7, 2011

new potatoes!

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We grew Red Norlands this year, and they look like pink jewels coming out of the ground:

We only dug up one plant to see how things were looking, and jeez louise, they are lookin’ GOOD! We were out and about running errands and decided to stop at the community garden plot just to see how things were looking and could not resist getting at least a little dirty.

The beans look pretty safe since we deer-proofed them, but of course the deer went for the next unprotected crop: the sweet potatoes. So we netted those too, for now.

Honestly, if we get nothing from that plot but those gorgeous red potatoes, I think I’ll still be happy.

Also, this Saturday (7/9/11) is the Fourth Annual Torley Manor (Angry) Gorilla Blues and Folk Fest. Q and I will be performing a handful of fun songs, and we are making mountains of food. I confess that part of my excitement is that I’ll get to give garden tours!

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