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June 12, 2007

Who lives at Torley Manor?

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Torley Manor is a humble Bloomfield home, on a 1/20th acre plot on a tiny street with only three trees. We cook and eat a lot of vegan food, as locally focused as possible, and we grow as much food as we can in our garden. We play music, sometimes with each other and sometimes with other people. We excel at loving this life we are living.

This is a photo of the back of our home, with a bit of a sense of the madness that is our garden. Photo circa August 2009:

This is us, but cheating because clearly there is no ocean in Pittsburgh:

Q (l) usually posts about building things, art projects, house projects, and planting things.

Emma (r) usually posts about cooking things we have harvested, putting food by, and camping or hiking. And complains about finishing drywall.

We have big dreams for our home(stead) — having a beehive on the flat roof of our house, maybe one day buying an adjacent property so we can plant fruit trees, maybe even one day some solar panels?

We bought our house in the spring of 2004, and have done a lot of work in and on and outside of it. Some but certainly not all of it is documented here.

So far, we have removed all but two panels of drop ceiling, one staircase, one decorative-but-poorly-placed-and-thus-toe-stubbing archway, and nearly all of the carpeting.

And so far we have added insulation to all four sides of our house, cement fiberboard siding to three sides of our house, a floor over the former staircase and a pantry below the former staircase, lots of drywall ceilings, one tiled floor and shower, one click-and-lock floor, and lots of great artwork and color.

Holler if you’d like to holler!


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